Getting Back to What’s Familiar

June 15, 2021By The Calli Institute

Seems easy to fall back into a routine, doesn’t it? Most of the time, yes. But when you’ve spent more than a year living through a global pandemic, those once-regular habits seem like anything but. However, with time, patience, and some helpful advice, we can all start getting back to what’s familiar. You’re in Control … Read More

Four Signs Your Teen May Need Therapy

May 20, 2021By The Calli Institute

From hormones and puberty to surviving high school, teenage years can be hard for everyone. While mood swings and the occasional fight with your teen can often be attributed to these general growing pains, there are some cases where there may be more at play than the typical teen experience. But is therapy right for … Read More

Ideas for Mind and Body Spring Cleaning

April 13, 2021By The Calli Institute

This time of year, we often read or hear about tidying up our homes and yards. But internal revitalization is just as important. We wanted to offer some ideas for mind and body spring cleaning to help you start off the season favorably all around. Declutter Getting rid of clutter can feel like a refreshing … Read More

Seeking Comfort from Creatures

March 23, 2021By The Calli Institute

People in need of support often rely on trusted friends and family. Some may turn to professionals for advice. Still others may snuggle a pet to help ease work pressures, social anxiety, or other types of stress. Learn more about different types of animal therapy and the benefits of seeking comfort from creatures. Animal Therapy … Read More

Managing Wellness in a Networking World

February 17, 2021By The Calli Institute

As social media continues to flourish, its effect on our mental health becomes more evident. Arguments can be made that spending time on social platforms both positively and negatively influence our psychological and emotional well-being. Finding a balance is key. With some reflection and insight, you can learn to manage wellness in a networking world. … Read More

Revisit the Energy of Holistic Wellness

January 20, 2021By The Calli Institute

In a previous blog, we outlined holistic health and how this lifestyle offers a unique approach toward achieving wholeness. With the new year underway, many people are focused on personal well-being. As such, we wanted to revisit the energy of holistic wellness and provide another pathway to consider on your mental health journey. Holistic = … Read More

The Year We Learned to Adapt

January 4, 2021By The Calli Institute

With the 2020 holidays in our rearview mirror, now is the time to look back on the changes we endured – possibly for the better. Perhaps the typical big family celebrations giving way to simpler moments taught us something. The year we learned to adapt just might be the start of something new and hopeful. … Read More

Anticipate an Atypical Holiday This Year

December 9, 2020By The Calli Institute

The year has presented us with one new challenge after another. Many of us have struggled, but we can be proud that we’ve learned to adjust and adapt to new habits and routines. And with the festive season upon us, we should expect more of the same. Remember to keep yourself, your family, and your … Read More

The Battle to Maintain Seasonal Wellness

November 17, 2020By The Calli Institute

In an earlier blog, we looked at common symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and approached methods of treatment. We wanted to revisit and further examine this topic, since this year has introduced new and unique stressors. Keep reading as we take another look at the battle to maintain season wellness. A Type of Depression … Read More

Supporting your LGBTQ Child

June 12, 2018By The Calli Institute

Parents and caregivers of LGBTQ youth have a significant opportunity to positively influence their child’s well-being and future. LGBTQ youth whose parents and caregivers support them have better overall physical and mental health, higher self-esteem, and are less likely to use illicit drugs. LGBTQ youth who are accepted by their families are much more likely … Read More