The Calli Institute utilizes a certified interoperable Electronic Health Record ( EHR) that is in compliance with Minnesota state law.

If you choose to utilize the Patient Portal, it is a secure account that will allow you to:

  • Update your contact and billing information
  • View your account balance
  • Complete and submit paperwork online before appointments
  • Email your mental health provider(s)
  • To initiate your portal access, simply complete the Portal Request form available from the receptionist at your next visit or send an email to to request Portal Account set up.

We will then send a link to your email address with instructions on how to set up your portal account. After completing the initial account setup, take a few moments to become familiar with the tabs in the client portal.

The patient portal also gives your mental health care provider(s) the ability to send you “clinical measures” in advance of your appointments. These measures are questionnaires and rating scales that are used to help measure symptoms or collect clinically significant information the impact your care. Any clinical measures that you are asked to complete will be located under the Home Tab. If these have been assigned, please take time to click on and complete each form listed prior to the due date. This takes just a few minutes and all answers are kept confidential and read only by your provider.

When new measures are assigned, you will receive an email letting you know that there are measures in your portal that we would like you to complete prior to your next appointment.

You will notice that there is a Quick Link on the Home Tab for “Change demographic or insurance information.” Review your current information for accuracy, if you make any changes, just click “submit” and these changes will automatically populate the demographic fields in your patient account at Calli. These changes can also be made in the Account Settings tab as well.

If you are a new client at our counseling clinic, you can complete the demographic and insurance information and submit it through the portal. This will automatically populate the demographic fields in your patient account at Calli.

Under the Practice Paperwork tab, you will find the Release of Information form and the Privacy Policies. You can choose to print these forms and bring them with you to your first mental health care appointment if you would like. We will also have these forms available in the office for your first appointment.

From the Messages tab, you can send your provider(s) secure emails. These messages are secure and HIPPA compliant. They utilize the messaging system in Valant and are not a part of a regular Email system.

Access Patient Portal

A convenient online portal is just one way our mental health services support your overall health and well-being. Call us to learn more about how The Calli Institute provides a comprehensive view of physical, spiritual, and mental health care and how we can help you find a therapist that brings balance to your life.

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