Grief is a reaction to a loss that might encompass a range of feelings thoughts or behaviors depending on one’s culture, personality style, gender, and belief system. Grief can be in response to an actual physical death, the end of a relationship or to something more ambiguous, like children leaving home, aging, changes in health, economic status or loss of dreams and hopes.

There is no predictable time line for getting through grief. Early theorist, Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross suggested there are “stages” of grief while later theorists talked about the internal and external tasks of mourning.

Family and friends as well as cultural, spiritual and religious rituals usually assist people through the mourning process. When grief becomes more complicated, therapy can be helpful in providing an intimate caring environment for people to work through the grief process and learn to live beyond the loss. Therapy can also be helpful in aiding the individual in seeking other necessary resources such as grief support groups, psychiatric services or places of worship.

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