Holistic health and wellness is often associated with diet, vitamins and other supplements to either treat illness or improve one’s performance at something, such as exercise. Although nutrition and the use of nature’s bounties play a role in holistic health and wellness, there is much more to understand what these things really mean.

Holistic health is an approach to health care that focuses on every aspect of human functioning and how we maintain balance between our mind, body and spirit. At the Calli Institute, our clinicians complete a thorough assessment of each individual, couple or family that includes questions about physical health as well as mental health, the environment in which the identified client was raised and his/her environment today. Our environment includes our relationships, work, school, spirituality and religion, and any other group or set of activities in which we participate. The assessment also includes getting to know your likes, dislikes, strengths and vulnerabilities. In other words, we get to know you as a WHOLE person. From this assessment, we are then able to help you identify your treatment goals and the steps necessary to achieve them. A holistic health approach offers a way to build resilience and a path to well-being.

Wellness is the process of gaining awareness and satisfaction from activities that promote fitness and mental health. Wellness requires an active effort to maintain a balance of health habits that include adequate sleep, nutrition, productivity, exercise, purposeful and meaningful activity, social connections, and supportive relationships so that one can successfully cope with life’s challenges not just manage symptoms.

Holistic health practices and wellness are foundational concepts of Calli’s model of care.

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