Relationships are challenging, which is why couples sometimes seek the assistance of a marriage and family therapist. Relationship counseling teaches couples more effective communication, how to manage recurring negative patterns, how to handle conflict, and to deal with the various stressors and stages of a couple’s relationship.

Often, people seek couples’ therapy to address topics like:

  • Healthy communication styles
  • Openness in communication
  • Frustration and ongoing arguments
  • Differing approaches to finance
  • Broken trust or infidelity
  • Parenting styles or conflicts involving children
  • Emotional or physical intimacy
  • General negativity or negative patterns

Couples’ counseling introduces a mediating third party and “neutral ground” to discuss the issues that need to be discussed. Having a mental health therapist in the room can provide structure and support when working through concerns. If a relationship has become antagonist, a mental health professional can help prevent the same old arguments from happening again and instead find a more productive way to communicate.

In some cases, a relationship therapist may assist with uncoupling partners in individual therapy to move them past impasse. However, couples do not have to wait until the relationship is in serious jeopardy. Couples’ counseling can be a proactive act to enhance the positive aspects of a relationship.

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