One of the Calli Institute’s core values is education, because we believe that knowledge is empowering. Therefore, we take every opportunity to teach you about your diagnosis, treatment, and self-care. One option you can leverage to learn more about yourself is group therapy or a seminar format that provides education and support.

Group therapy sessions are offered periodically throughout the year and may address a number of different issues. Some of the unique advantages of group counseling include opportunities to learn about a variety of topics that relate to mental health care and wellness and to connect with others dealing with similar life challenges.

Check back periodically for updates about our group and/or seminar offerings.

Twin Cities Group Therapy

Current Group Therapy Sessions:

  • LGBTQIA+ support group
  • Back to College group

Group therapy provides a safe environment to both give and receive support from others while practicing new skills and new ways of looking at a problem. Some of the most powerful work we do happens in group settings.

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