Is Back to School Anxiety Normal?

August 17, 2019By The Calli Institute

Settling back into a normal school routine can trigger anxiety for both parents and their children. Whether your kids are preparing for kindergarten or beginning their first fall semester at college, their transition from summer vacation to hour-long classes takes time to adjust, no matter what age they are. Though each school year promises new … Read More

Transitioning the Family From Summer to School

August 22, 2017By Tessa Gittleman, LAMFT

When school lets out for the summer, kids and parents alike tend to enter a stage of bliss. Home becomes a little sweeter, the weight from academics is lifted, and the only worry in the world is how to pack so much fun into so little time, right? When school lets out for the summer, kids … Read More

5 Tips for Back to School Mental Health

August 26, 2016By Cathy Malmon, LMFT, LICSW

The summer has flown by and schools are beginning to open their doors and sharpen their pencils for the fall semester. Whether your kids are excited to go back to class or desperately holding on to the last few days of summer vacation, the change can have a major impact on mental health. Here are five … Read More