Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month This May

May 14, 2019By The Calli Institute

Many of us find ourselves in a slump this time of year. Though we began 2019 with good intentions, the task of maintaining healthy habits each day can start to feel more challenging than empowering. Now that May is officially here, however, it’s time to give our self-care and mental wellness a good spring cleaning. … Read More

How Eating Right and Mental Health Work Together

April 25, 2019By The Calli Institute

After a long, stressful day, it may be easier to visit a local drive thru for dinner than prepare a home-cooked meal. Sure, we all love an order of salty fries and juicy burgers on the go, but the grogginess and sluggishness that follows isn’t always so satisfying. Many of us know the importance of … Read More

Why Your Mental Health Needs a Spring Break, Too

March 26, 2019By The Calli Institute

For many Minnesotans, the warm weather and sunshine often stirs up feelings of renewed hope and energy. Whether it’s taking a half day on Fridays or planning a fishing trip over the weekend, there is something about the longer days that makes us crave a break from reality, so we can finally relax and savor … Read More

What is a Mental Health Assessment & Can It Benefit You?

March 11, 2019By The Calli Institute

When you hear the phrase “mental health assessment”, what comes to mind? Perhaps, you already have preconceived notions of what a psychological assessment involves or maybe you’ve never heard of it before. In a previous blog post, we discussed some misconceptions people have about mental health conditions. Feeling anxious or stressed after a therapist recommends … Read More

What to Be Aware of if Mental Illness Runs in Your Family

January 8, 2019By The Calli Institute

If you or a loved one is living with a mental illness, you may have questions about its genetic factors and whether or not your preexisting condition could be passed down to your children. To help you expand your understanding of mental health and how it can affect family members and future generations, we’ve created … Read More