Calli, Director of Cuddling is a Sheepadoodle. The Sheepadoodle is a cross between a purebred Old English Sheepdog and a purebred poodle. In this case, Calli’s mother was a sheepdog and her father was a Parti Poodle. The parti means a white base coat and a secondary color. Parti not Party though she does have a party disposition and loves to wag her tail, which looks like a plume.

Poodles are non-sporting dogs that are wonderful retrievers, hunting dogs; guide dogs, guard dogs and companion dogs. They are capable of a wide range of emotions, are alert, active, and trainable. They are one of the most intelligent dogs known. They are hypoallergenic though the coat needs to be maintained. Old English Sheepdogs are herding dogs that are described as “jolly” in temperament and can be a clown with their antics. Their temperament is described as intelligent, social, and adaptable. They are capable of fitting in easily to a rural or urban setting. They are hypoallergenic but the coats need constant maintenance to prevent matting.

The two breeds in her heritage mean that Calli has the best of the two. These qualities are social ability, active, HIGHLY trainable with a need to work and learn. She would do well with having a job. She is also hypoallergenic plus. Calli’s education so far has included the basic puppy and obedience classes. She has expressed a desire to go into therapy dog training and she thinks agility would also be fun.

So far, she hasn’t met a person or animal she hasn’t liked. She has been exposed to cats, kittens, rabbits (not in the wild) and other dogs. She is familiar with birds because there is a parrot at day care that screams “KNOCK IT OFF!” I wonder where the parrot learned that. She plays with dogs twice her size that can’t keep up with her. She is active, social, vocal and very cuddly, hence the particular director title.

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